Scary Videos and Cute Costumes / Rapid Brings You Halloween

As the weather cools down the insect activity slows down. However, it is always ‘summer’ in your home. Pests will be looking for a warm retreat. Remember to contact Rapid Pest Solutions for any pest concerns you have, both bugs and mice.

The time for ghost stories, costumes, tricks and treats is here. It’s time for Halloween! As I was thinking about what to include in this blog I thought that Rapid could share some Halloween fun with you.


Below are four movies that involve creepy crawlies. Have you seen them? 

  • Eight Legged Freaks – It just wouldn’t be Halloween without a movie about giant spiders. In this movie a noxious chemical has caused some poisonous spiders to increase to mega size!
  • Mimic – Imagine discovering that roaches are carrying a deadly disease and someone genetically creates an insect to kill those roaches. Now imagine the worst possible outcome…the new insects begin coming after mankind. This is that movie.
  • Empire of the Ants – Giant ants take over some real estate in the Florida Everglades. Just think of your typical 1970’s B horror movie.
  • The Fly – I personally like this one. An experiment gone wrong leads to a man/fly hybrid. It’s pretty gross.

Can’t get enough creepy movies? Check out this list of 100 Killer Animal/Insect Movies provided by

Although we needn’t worry about the movies above coming true, there are plenty of real life horrors that we could worry about. I am including two of the most disturbing YouTube videos involving bugs invading the human body. Be warned – These videos are graphic.


Since I wouldn’t want those images to be the last thing you remember from this blog, lets look at some of the cutest costumes for kids and pets.



Rapid Pest Solutions wishes you a Happy Halloween filled with wonderful treats and not to many tricks.