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Colony Collapse Disorder

You have probably heard that the Honey Bees are disappearing. It seems that beekeepers first began talking about this very seriously in 2006. In some cases healthy bees were abandoning there nests completely and never returning. This phenomenon is called Colony Collapse Disorder. There are several theories as to what is causing this. Global warming, pesticide use, habitat loss and parasites are the most prevalent.

Crops+Pollinated+By+Bees.gifCrops+Pollinated+By+Bees Crops Pollinated By Bees

What Crops Will Be Effected

The disappearance of bees could turn into a very serious problem. There are many crops that rely on the pollination by bees or they simply cannot exist. Some of these foods include broccoli, blueberries, cucumbers, avocados and oranges. But there are many others. Many plants would die off, not just food plants. We would lose some trees and flowers as well.

Bees+In+A+Grill.jpgBees+In+A+Grill Honey Comb In A Grill

The Importance Of Honey Bee Relocation

Some scientists believe that the loss of the Honey Bee could be catastrophic. So what do you do if you find that Honey Bees have built a nest in or around your home? Don’t kill them! Relocation of the entire hive is possible. Contact a professional Honey Bee removal company or beekeeper. They will come to your home, remove the nest and queen. The worker bees will follow the Queen, so once she is removed the others should follow. The honeycomb will be removed and incorporated into the nest at the new location when possible.

Queen+Bee.gifQueen+Bee It’s Good To Be The Queen

It’s Good To Be The Queen

A Queen Bee has only one purpose. Reproduction. She can lay up to 2000 eggs per day. The worker bees take care of the Queen’s every need. They give her food, dispose of her waste and will protect her fiercely. It’s good to be the Queen!

Honey+Bear.pngHoney+Bear Honey Bear

If you think that you have Honey Bees, give Rapid Pest Solutions a call. We will do an inspection and provide you with information on the best way to handle your situation.