What I Learned From Ferris Bueller

Or, How I Learned To Stop And Smell The Roses

Most of my blogs are full of words, either teaching, descriptive or how-to.  This time my blog is going to be mostly visual. There are so many beautiful and very interesting things that surround us every day. In this business it is easy to forget how amazing nature is and think only of getting the pests to stop ‘pestering’ you. I would like to take the opposite view this time and see the interesting, beautiful and very cool world around us.

How do you start your day? Maybe getting the kids off to school? Commuting to your job? Running errands? Everyday we do hundreds of mindless tasks – tasks that we complete on autopilot. How often do we really stop and look at the world around us? At all the beautiful and really cool things in nature. If you’re like me, then the answer is, not enough. As Ferris Bueller said “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

Ferris+Bueller.jpgFerris+Bueller Ferris Bueller

I am going to show you some pretty cool things from the world we live in. Take a minute to look around. What do you see that you don’t want to miss?

Butterfly+Eye.jpgButterfly+Eye Butterfly Skull

This butterfly looks eerily like an eye in this skull

Caterpillar+Bird.jpgCaterpillar+Bird Birds or a funny caterpillar?

At first glance I thought this was a really strange caterpillar. Closer inspection showed me it was really some very cute birds.

Lizard+With+Butterfly.jpgLizard+With+Butterfly Peaceful

This lizard looks content having the butterfly resting on him. Peace among the species is always beautiful.

Lemur+And+Dragonfly.jpgLemur+And+Dragonfly Lemur and a Dragonfly. Lunch?

I’m not sure if this Lemur is trying to catch the Dragonfly for food or if he is just reaching out due to curiosity. Either way it is a wonderful picture.

Glass+Butterfly.jpgGlass+Butterfly Glass Butterfly

This butterfly’s wings are clear. An already delicate creature has wings that resemble glass.

Spiderweb+Covered+In+Water.jpgSpiderweb+Covered+In+Water Web of Water

It is estimated that it takes approximately an hour for a spider to build a web. This web covered in rain drops is stunning. It’s hard to believe that something so complex can be completed in such a short amount of time.

Bird+Feeding.jpgBird+Feeding Perfectly Timed Picture

This perfectly timed photo shows a bird catching its next meal.

Puppy+With+Preying+Mantis.jpgPuppy+With+Preying+Mantis Puppy and Preying Mantis

Although the puppy is bigger it seems that the Praying Mantis is not going to back down. Hopefully this confrontation ended with neither party getting hurt.

Snowflakes.jpgSnowflakes Real Snowflakes

While not a true ‘pest’ in the usual sense of the word, these up-close pictures of snowflakes show the beauty and wonder of the world around us. I know sometimes snow can seem pesky but I find it mind boggling how every snowflake is different and how very pretty they really are.

Beauty+Of+Animals.jpgBeauty+Of+Animals Beauty of Nature

I like this collage of pictures because it makes me smile. The turtles are hatching, coming up from the sand and finding their way to the water. The small lizard looks like he is giving his friend a helping hand and those Dragonflies make a perfect heart together. How can you not feel happy looking at these pictures?

Night+Sky+And+An+Eye.jpgNight+Sky+And+An+Eye Night Sky and an Eye

The beauty of life around us extends past the things here on earth. I find the night sky to be beautiful and intriguing. I think we have all asked ourselves the question “Are we alone in the universe?”

So I guess the biggest thing I learned from Ferris Bueller is that I need to take time to enjoy the world around me. For him it was a baseball game, a museum and a fast car, among other things. For me it’s watching the squirrels outside, the blueness of the sky, laughing with my friends and family and maybe a nice glass of wine. What is it for you? We are always on the go so that maybe we don’t stop and look around as much as we should.

Rapid Pest Solutions reminds you that as Ferris said – “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”