3 Urban Legends – Debunked!


What is it? An Urban Legend is a secondhand story told as the truth and it is just plausible enough to be believed. Most often Urban Legends involve a horrific event that supposedly happened to a real person. Because there is a definite ‘creep’ factor in an Urban Legend, insects play well into these types of stories. Below are three urban legends that involve pests. Maybe I can convince you that these stories just can’t be true.

Spider+in+the+Oreo.jpgSpider+in+the+Oreo Spider in an Oreo

  1. THE SPIDER IN THE OREO – This is one that I have seen several times across Facebook. It serves as a warning to always take your Oreo’s apart before eating them because you never know what might be squished inside. <a href=”https://www.youtube price of tamiflu.com/watch?v=-i1oMwNgH2Q” target=”_blank”>The way that Oreo’s are made makes it highly unlikely that a spider could get caught in the center. When this legend was researched by David Emery, an urban legend expert, he was told by the original poster that they actually smashed the spider into the cream center themselves. Not such a scary story when you hear that!
  2. ROACH EGGS ON AN ENVELOPE – I have heard this story for years. A woman is licking envelopes and gets a paper cut on her tongue. She thinks nothing of it but soon a lump appears. She goes to the doctor to have it looked at. When the doctor begins to lance the sore a cockroach comes out. The idea is that there were cockroach eggs in the glue on the envelope and when she got the paper cut the eggs made there way into the wound on the tongue and continued to grow. OK, the problem with this story is that a pregnant cockroach carries all of its eggs in a hard casing. The individual eggs are delicate and could not withstand being removed from the casing and scattered around the flap of an envelope. Although this makes for a creepy story you don’t have to worry about baby cockroaches flooding from your mouth.
  3. MOUSE URINE ON SODA CANS – The story is that you can get sick and die from rodent urine  that is on the lip of pop cans. It is said that because cases upon cases of pop are stored in large warehouses where rodents can run wild,  the cans are dirty.  Although rats and mice can carry diseases that are harmful to humans, drinking from these cans is unlikely to  cause death. If you are still a little freaked out by this you can wipe down or rinse the top of your can before consuming.

Roach+Egg+Casing+and+Babies.jpgRoach+Egg+Casing+and+Babies Cockroach egg casing and babies after they hatched.

Don’t let Urban Legends scare you too much. Most of them have only the tiniest bit of truth and a great deal of embellishment. If you find yourself in a situation with some creepy crawlies don’t stress. Give Rapid Pest Solutions a call. We have the answers you need.