5 Things Lady Gaga Has In Common With Bugs

You might be thinking ‘What? That’s crazy!’ But it’s true. I have created a list of five things that the very talented Lady Gaga has in common with the bugs that Rapid Pest Solutions fights.


  • BEAUTIFUL MUSIC – Lady Gaga has been making chart topping music for years. I’m sure that you are familiar with at least a few of her songs. Some insects also make wonderful music. Cicadas and crickets make a gentle night music. Bugs also make music when they fly by producing unique wing beat frequencies. The houseflies wing beat is in the key of F.


  • MEAT DRESS – Surely you must have heard about the infamous Meat Dress that Lady Gaga wore to the 2010 VMA’s. Her dress, hat and shoes were made entirely out of raw meat. I would think that in order to wear raw meat for several hours as clothing means you must like beef. Well, some bugs like beef too. Raw beef, just like the dress. When yellow jackets are foraging they are attracted to raw meat and of course the blowfly likes raw meat too.


  • BORN THIS WAY – The Lady Gaga song ‘Born This Way’ speaks of self-acceptance. The idea being that there are no mistakes in the way you are made – you were born this way! Even though most of us don’t like bugs and consider them quite the nuisance they were just born this way. Insects can no more help their predisposed nature than us humans can.

  • AMERICAN HORROR STORY – Lady Gaga has confirmed that she will be joining the fifth season of American Horror Story. I love this show and I can’t wait to see what type of character she plays. I also consider insects to be part of my very own American Horror Story. Especially spiders, or as I like to call them, miniature nightmares. They are terrible!


  • ALEIODES GAGA – What is that you ask? Well, in 2012 Lady Gaga received the honor (?) of having a newly discovered parasitic wasp named after her. The Aleiodes Gaga was named by researchers at the University of Thailand. You can’t get more in common with a bug than that!


Is there another singer, actor or entertainer that you think has a lot in common with pests? We would love to hear your thoughts. If you find that you have an insect problem in your home or business contact Rapid Pest Solutions. We have the answer you need!