An Introduction To Ants

If ants are such busy creatures, how do they find time to go to all the picnics?

The nice weather is finally here and we will be spending more time outside. It seems as if ants are everywhere, even inside our homes! The truth is, the ant population peaks in the late spring/early summer. Increased rain in the spring will drive ants to the top of the soil. This may make it seem as if ants are strictly out to ruin our fun in the sun. Keep in mind that ants are the most common pest problem that we have here in our area and in the Midwest in general.

ant basket

There are many species of ants. Let’s take a look at a few of the types of ants that you may see.

  • The most common type of ant in the United States is the Carpenter Ant. These are large and black. The swarming ants will have wings and can look pretty intimidating – they shouldn’t be. Swarming ants or ‘flying ants’ are just regular old ants that are going out to mate.
  •  Another type of ant common to this area is the Pavement Ant. As its name suggests, it is found outdoors, mostly under stones, slabs and sidewalks. They are small with dark colored bodies and light colored legs.
  •  Then we have the Odorous House Ant. Doesn’t sound good, does it? Well, it’s not quite as bad as you may be thinking. These ants are small and dark brown and luckily, despite the name, are only occasionally found in the home. You will find these little guys throughout the U.S. The name comes from the smell that is emitted when they are crushed. (Some say it smells like rotten coconuts.)

For more information on ants and the different types you may see, check out this link. It includes pictures and descriptions.


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Now you have an idea of the types of ants you may run into this season. If these pests become a problem in or around your home, contact Rapid Pest Solutions. We can help with ants and other pests as well!