Ant Prevention in Highland, IN

Let our experienced ant exterminators fight for you and win the war against ant infestation.

It’s easy to get frustrated when you’re on the defensive against ants. The ants can be so many that sometimes, no matter what you try, the colonies just keep coming back through different entry points.

But don’t let ants tarnish the sanctity of your home or commercial area.

Get Ant Exterminators To Eliminate All Ant Problems in Your Household or Commercial Building

At Rapid Pest Solutions, we’ve helped thousands of Highland, IN, residents solve their ant problems for decades, and we can help you too. Our pest control services can help you eliminate ants that risk:

  • Property damage: In the case of carpenter ants, serious property damage is on the horizon. They burrow through the wood around your home or place of business until it’s hollow and unstable. Our residential and commercial services can help you protect your property from damage.
  • Food contamination: The odorous house ant can spread E. coli, salmonella, streptococcus, and other bacteria that can be deposited into your food. Our pest control services will help you prevent ants from contaminating your food.
  • Harmful bites and stings: If you’re unlucky enough to step on a mound of red imported fire ants in Highland Park, they’re known to bite en masse, which can lead to severe allergic reactions.
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We’ve built a reputation for delivering reliable ant control services in Highland and can help you win the battle against ant invasion. 

Our pest control experts have the right products, expertise, and experience to help get rid of ants without compromising your health, budget, or environment.

Our Residential and Commercial Pest Control Services, Help Eliminate Every Ant Species

There are many types of ants you may encounter indoors or outside your Highland Park home or business premises. Regardless of infestation size, we can help you deal even with the most loathed species, such as:

Carpenter Ant

Carpenter ants are large and black ants that nest in wood and cause structural damage to properties. The ants are mostly active at night. 

Most homeowners’ insurance doesn’t cover damages by carpenter ants. 

Odorous House Ants

These are the little black ants known to invade kitchens or bathrooms and are sometimes called sugar ants. The bugs are prevalent year-round but mostly active in spring and summer. They are the most difficult to eliminate, and many DIY methods haven’t proven effective with most of our clients.

Pavement Ants

Pavement ants are tiny brown ants that create ant hills along walkways, patios, and yards. These ants rarely build nests indoors but will:

  • Damage lawns
  • Disrupt landscaping
  • Build unsightly nest between pavers and brick walkways

Other ant species we can help you eliminate include Pharaoh ants, fire ants, and any other ant type plaguing your premises.

Straight From Highland Clients’ Mouths

We had such terrible carpenter ants and wolve spider issues in our home. I was worried about my little one getting bit! Rapid Pest Solutions has been a lifesaver. Manny Q is my pest guy. He’s fantastic and friendly every time. He ensures we know we can call or text him for help with pest information or if we need treatment sooner rather than later.”

– Kayley Goodlink Lukowski

A Highland, IN, resident

I am very happy with the service I received. We had an ant problem, and it was driving me crazy. I called several services, and RAPID was the only one to call back. They had a canceled appointment that day, so I got serviced immediately. Staff very professional, and prices are reasonable.

– Tina Arteaga

A Highland, IN, local guide

How Will Your Ant Control Process Looks Like?

Step 1: Inspection

Our first ant-extermination step is to identify the ant species invading your space. That way, we can strategize on the best pest management practice.

Step 2: Creation of Species-Specific Ant Extermination Strategy

After determining the species, our ant exterminator will prepare the appropriate strategy. We will:

  • Get the appropriate products to get rid of ants species.
  • Identify ants-lay, trails, nests, and entry points.
  • Advise you on sanitization practices such as keeping your food source in airtight containers, fixing leaks, and cleaning spills.

Step 3: Securing The Area Covered Pests

We’ll create a barrier in your home’s or commercial premise exterior such as doorways, thresholds, trims, and windows, to prevent new ants from getting in. To create effective barriers to ant colonies, we might use:

  • Salt
  • Talc
  • Essential oil

Step 4: Getting Rid of The Ant

Now that we’ve sealed your home against new ants, we’ll eliminate ants inside. The methods vary, depending on the ant species.

We can use ant traps or bait or treat the ant colony directly on wood structures or their source.

Step 5: Preventing Future Infestation

The best ant termination method is to prevent it in the first place. To prevent future infestation, we may recommend you to:

  • Repair structures like rotting wood, cracks in the foundation, and leaky pipes.
  • Modify landscaping that promotes ant activity.
  • Install ant baits and monitoring to interrupt potential activities

Why Choose Us

We Respond in Time

You can rely on us even for emergency service calls to eliminate all the ants. If any infestation escalates quickly, we’ll be at your place to assist you.

You’ll Leverage Safe and Eco-Friendly Ant Control Methods

Your safety and that of your environment is paramount regarding pest control. That’s why we prioritize low toxicity and environmental-friendly methods.

You’ll Get Great Customer Service From a Team of Skilled Ant Exterminators

Our specialists are certified, licensed, and warded for our adherence to safety protocols and environmentally friendly services. You can guarantee we’ll identify the ant nest in your area and eliminate them without risking your health.

Exterminate Ant Infestation and Keep Them Away From Your Property with Rapid Pest Solutions

We’re open seven days a week and can deliver technicians within 24 hours to exterminate ant colonies in your surrounding. Plus, our care plan includes after-service follow-up to protect you from future ant infestation problems.

Schedule a free inspection today for a customized ant treatment in Highland, IN, today.