April Fools Day Pranks You Can Use

Are you a fan of April Fools Day? Do you enjoy pranking your friends and coworkers or do you get a good laugh out of the pranks that are played on you? I do not like April Fools Day. Not at all. It is basically a day where I trust no one and nothing. I look forward to the time when I can climb in bed and put the whole day behind me. But in honor of this silly holiday I have searched for some April Fools pranks that you might enjoy. And of course they involve bugs!

The Insect In The Lampshade – This would make me run screaming for sure! Use regular paper to cut out insect shapes. Tape them on the inside of a lamp shade. When the light gets turned on it will look like there is a giant bug on the inside of the shade. CREEP FACTOR – 5


Mouse In The House – Get some beetroot and clean the ends up a bit. Place the end of the beetroot just inside a box of crackers or sticking out from behind a shelf. With a quick glance it will look like a mouse has made it’s way into your home. CREEP FACTOR – 3


Sometimes even big names in business will get in on the fun. Every year in the UK, BMW puts out an April Fools prank just plausible enough to be believed. Here is one from 1996. 


You can find a list of many of the other April Fools Day jokes that BMW has pulled by clicking HERE.

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