Sometimes coming back to work after a weekend can be extremely difficult. It’s just hard to get in the swing of things and find your motivation. I feel your pain and I am here to help! This particular blog will give you a little Monday afternoon pick-me-up. I have compiled some cool YouTube videos for your enjoyment. Check them out!

This video show bees that are ‘bearding’. When the hive is too hot the bees will congregate on the outside. They hang onto each other and form what looks like a beard of bees.

Baby mice make noises when they feel happy or content. Some of these noises may sound like purring, although they can also sound like, chirping or clicking. I know that mice can cause a lot of problems if your home becomes infested, but they sure are cute!

Ants are super strong and can carry 10 – 50 times their body weight. This video shows several ants working as a team to carry a piece of popcorn. Although at first it seems like they can’t work together, in the end they zip away with their prize!

This ladybug is playing with some candy sprinkles! OK – maybe not playing with them, trying to eat them may be more accurate. But either way it’s cute and fun to watch.

And of course, no compilation of YouTube videos would be complete without the ‘Cute Dog’ video. This super cute puppy discovered a bug and decided it wanted to play. The bug probably isn’t very happy but the dog is adorable!

Hopefully I was able to give you a small diversion from your Monday afternoon. Rapid Pest Solutions has also added another video to it’s own YouTube page. Take a look!

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