Even Santa Needs Rapid Pest Solutions

Have you ever stopped to wonder what life is like up at the North Pole? Do Santa and the elves have the same day to day experiences we do? My thoughts wandered around this topic and I started thinking what it would be like if the North Pole had pest problems and Santa called Rapid Pest Solutions for help. Here are some of my theories. Enjoy!

claus kitchen

Mrs. Claus is baking up a storm. The kitchen is a whirlwind of flour, sugar and cocoa. There are pies, cakes, cookies and fudge of every kind. As she goes to the pantry to retrieve more ingredients she discovers a problem. Pantry Pests, oh no! Mrs. Claus is frantic and calls Rapid Pest Solutions to help. Luckily pantry pests are fairly easy to overcome and Rapid guides her through the necessary steps to make sure her cabinets are clean and free from intruders so that she can get back to baking all of Santa’s favorite goodies.

Bernard+the+Elf.jpgBernard+the+Elf Bernard the Elf

Santa’s head elf, Bernard, has noticed a problem in the workshop. Many toys are stacked on the shelves waiting to be delivered to all the good children of the world. But as Bernard walked by he noticed what looked like sawdust all around the shelves. Upon further investigation he discovers large black ants among the many toys. Seems like Carpenter Ants and Rapid Pest Solutions is called in to treat the problem. It’s important to get the workshop back in tip-top shape as quickly as possible – the elves are on a schedule!


Santa has gone out to the barn to check on the reindeer and make last minute preparations for his Christmas journey. What he finds is disturbing. All nine of his reindeer are itching. What has caused such a problem and so close to Christmas Eve night? It seems that a batch of hay that was used as bedding, was brought in for the reindeer and it was full of FleasThank goodness Santa knows to call Rapid. We were able to get that hay out of the barn and treat the area so that the reindeer could get some much needed rest before the big night.


Santa is finally home from his deliveries. He and Mrs. Claus are getting snuggled up in bed in the hope of a restful night. Unfortunately, Santa starts to itch. He and Mrs. Claus notice red bumps on their arms and legs. Pulling back the covers and investigating the bedding they discover Bed Bugs. It seems that Santa brought them back from his travels, just like we can when we travel. After putting all the bedding into a hot dryer Santa called Rapid Pest Solutions. We were able to treat his problem and bring peace of mind back to Santa and Mrs. Claus.

If it can happen to Santa, it can happen to anyone. No matter what your pest problem might be Rapid has the solution for you. We have customizable programs and services for everyone. Let us bring the peace of mind back to your home.


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