Extermination – A Love Story

The Pest Control Industry

Previously I told the story of how I came to be in pest control. In talking with a co-worker I realized that he too stumbled into the business. And much the same as me, he loves it and wouldn’t want to do anything else. It’s strange that an industry that can elicit the most extreme responses from people can become a well-loved career. Pest Control is not for everyone. I never would have thought that it was right for me, but it is. It takes a rare breed of people to get down and dirty with the pests! Check out the story below as told to me by Wayne Ritenour.

General+Pest+Control.jpgGeneral+Pest+Control Exterminator

“As it turns out, I didn’t choose pest control, it chose me. In my younger days I was hopping from job to job and was looking for a place to settle down. The old ‘friend of a friend’ network had me sitting in a pest control office on the south side of Chicago filling out an application. As luck would have it, I was hired on the spot and the rest is history!”

“Starting as a service tech was easy – except I was, and still am, leery of spiders and rats. This made inspecting and treating crawl spaces pretty interesting. On more than one occasion I had customers ask why they had heard a high pitched scream come from the crawl space. I would tell them I hit my head, although I’m not sure how many actually believed that. Finally after years of hitting my head in crawl spaces (wink, wink) I was promoted and I have never looked back. I was working with a large national company at that time and it had a lot of advantages including training, peer learning and promotional opportunities.” 

Crawlspace+Pests.jpgCrawlspace+Pests LEFT – Spider Crickets / RIGHT – Rodent

“I have run several office locations over the last 17 years. Other than my position here at Rapid, I thoroughly enjoyed working in a small operation in Central Indiana. Going from a ‘city boy’ manager to running a very suburban branch was interesting. I always envisioned a bad Children of the Corn episode when my GPS would lead me down an ‘unnamed’ gravel road to get to a customer’s house. That aside, I have been lucky to work with some of the best people I have ever met and many that I still call friends after all these years. The story’s I tell and the way I talk about my work when I’m at home has made my son show some interest in following my career path. I can’t think of a way he could make me prouder.” 

“In closing I can only say that I have truly found a home at Rapid Pest Solutions. Being involved from the start has given me the chance once again to grow in this industry. I am grateful to work with a great team and I couldn’t have asked for a better location. Come in and visit us, you’ll see what I mean.”

A+Love+Story.jpgA+Love+Story A Love Story

If you ever feel like you may be interested in a career in pest control, contact us. We can give you the details that will help you decide if extermination is your love story.

There are many types of positions you could pursue. Technician, Sales, Wildlife Removal, Office Staff, Inspector, etc.