First Day Of Spring

Tomorrow is the official start of Spring. While our weather is still kind of iffy, we are very close to some actual warm temps. No, really, we are! Because the cold weather seems never ending I have put together a little something to help you think warm thoughts!


The bright shining sun and deep blue sky, beautiful Spring flowers and a walk on the beach – these are some of the wonderful things I am looking forward to!


Whether you’re North Side or South Side, baseball screams summer! So do cookouts and drive-in movies. When was the last time you went to a drive-in? You know there is still one near us. Check out the 49er Drive-In in Valparaiso, Indiana.


Getting some sun by the pool, the smell of coconut sunscreen all around and staying out until it gets dark to collect fireflies – that brings back many warm weather memories for me!

Rapid Pest Solutions is here as the weather warms and you begin to enjoy your Spring and Summer. Remember that as much as you like the rising temps so do the pests. Contact us for any pest concerns that come up. We’ve got the answer you’re looking for!