Happy Hauntings

October is my very favorite month and with that comes Halloween! To me October is apple cider, carving pumpkins, kids dressed up as their favorite characters, scary movies and the beautiful colors of the changing leaves. It seems the stores want to rush us right along to the Christmas season but please, let me enjoy October!


Spider+House.jpgSpider+House Spider House

Spiders scare me like no other. This house is hard for me to look at. Even though I know that there is nothing real about it.

Vampire+Bat.jpgVampire+Bat Vampire Bat

I absolutely LOVE bats! I think they’re cute and they eat lots of mosquitoes in the summer months. Maybe the reason they are associated with Halloween is because of the Vampire Bat. Yes, there is such a thing.

I’m not sure – but isn’t the original idea of ‘Trick-or-Treating’ that the person gives you a treat or you will play a trick on them? What if the treat was the trick? How would things go over if the treats you were  passing out were actually chocolate covered bugs?!

Bug+Candy.jpgBug+Candy Chocolate covered scorpions, ants and crickets.

spider Vampire Spider

As if the things above aren’t scary enough, let’s not forget the Vampire Spider.

As I mentioned earlier, not everything about October is scary and related to Halloween. There are also the beautiful fall colors and traditions.




If you find something scary in your house this Halloween…spiders, mice, centipedes, or any other uninvited pests, contact Rapid Pest Solutions. We have a solution to fit your needs.

Because Timing Is Everything!