Holiday Baking? Watch Out For This!



Before I tell you how to get rid of your pantry pest problem, you should probably know what you’re looking for. The term Pantry Pest encompasses a variety of very small beetles and moths. The biggest of these is only about 5mm in length (that’s about 1/5 of an inch) with the exception of the Indian Meal Moth which is about 9mm in length, still very small.


I look forward to traditional holiday treats each year. What’s your favorite? Is it the cookies, pies and fudge. Maybe you’re more into the fruit cake or bread pudding. No matter your preference, you don’t want to be in the middle of whipping up your favorite recipe and find that your ingredients have been infiltrated by pests! unfortunately this could happen. Pantry pests are a common problem but they are also easily taken care of. Following the simple steps below should take care of any pantry pest problem that you run into and you’ll be back to baking before you know it!

  • Before you start, check expiration dates on all your baking ingredients and other dry goods. Throw out anything past the date and visually inspect the products. Pantry pests are small but still visible to the naked eye. Items you should check include herbs, spices and seasonings as well as flour, rice, pasta and dried beans. Dry pet food and treats can also become infested.
  • Empty the cabinets and wipe out the insides with warm soapy water. This will not only clean up any crumbs and spills that feed and attract these pests but will clean out any of the little guys that may be hiding inside.
  • Using proper storage receptacles is key. Store your pantry items in glass or plastic containers that have tight fitting lids. Not only will you be protecting your food but also helping to keep items fresher for a longer period of time.


If you find that you have some unwanted guests this holiday season (of the insect variety) contact Rapid Pest Solutions. We will inspect, identify and treat the situation so that you can go back to enjoying the holidays with your friends and family.