Holiday Hitchhikers

Don’t let bed bugs ruin your holiday vacation.


Christmas is a major travel time for many. Kids are on break and adults have long weekends. You may be going to visit friends and family or you are the one hosting the out of town guests. Either way it’s important to be aware of ‘Holiday Hitchhikers’. No, these are not people that you have picked up along the way. They are the bed bugs that could very easily be transported from place to place. Hotels are known to have bed bug activity and it’s unfortunate by public transportation such as buses, cabs and airplanes can carry them as well. Be vigilant and follow the steps below to make sure you don’t bring home any unwanted guests from your holiday adventures.


  • When you arrive in your room put luggage in the bathroom prior to inspecting your surroundings.
  • Pull back the blankets and check the sheets and pillow cases for blood spots. Be sure to check the piping along the edges of the mattress and box spring for stains and live bugs.
  • Most hotel headboards are mounted to the wall. Lift up slightly and tilt the headboard away from the wall so that you can see behind it. This is a major hiding spot for bed bugs.
  • Open the drawers of the bedside table and check inside and the underside of the drawers for hidden bed bugs.
  • DO NOT unpack into the dresser drawers and don’t leave your suitcase on the floor. Use the luggage rack. Be sure to move the rack away from the wall and and keep your bags closed.
  • If you do see signs of bed bug activity. Return to the front desk and ask for another room, one that does not share a wall with the room you just inspected.
  • If you do get a new room, inspect this one too.
  • Bring plastic bags with you and put your clothing into them before coming home.



  • When you return home from your travels take those plastic bags with your clothing directly to the laundry room.
  • Put everything into the dryer on the highest heat setting for a minimum of 30 minutes.
  • Vacuum out your luggage. When possible it is good to either freeze or steam clean your bags as well.
  • If you have had holiday guests and want to take extra precautions you can do the same thing with the bed linens when you change them. Directly into a high heat dryer.
  • As a precaution after vacuuming, always empty the bag or canister outside of the home.


If you will be traveling during the holidays, Rapid Pest Solutions sells bed bug inspection travel kits. These kits include everything you need for inspection and collection of a specimen as well as step by step instructions on how and where to look. Stop in to purchase one today.


We know that the holidays can be stressful enough without the added worry of Bed Bugs. If you suspect that bed bugs have managed to hitchhike home with you, give us call. We are here to help.