Holiday Rodent Special

Where do I start? 

This list assumes that you do not currently have a rodent issue. If you are having problems, you should contact a licensed exterminator. They can offer services and tips to help eradicate the problem and prevent future issues. This information can be used in either situation as a 

reference guide to help. 

Begin outside the home. Do a walk around the perimeter and check the home top to bottom. Take mental notes or make a list of needed repairs. Do a second walk around looking out from the home to the property. This will provide information on where the rodents may be coming from. 

On the home. Look for and repair

Cracks and openings on the exterior, including areas around where utilities and pipes enter the home. Remember to look at more than the lower part of the home. There can be openings all the way up to the top. (These should be repaired with cement or a combination of coarse steel wool and caulk) Check all exterior doors for old or damaged door sweeps and weather stripping. (Replace if needed. This is a very common entry point for rodents) Check all vents and screen covers for damage and holes. (Replace if needed. These openings allow access for rodents) Check around windows for missing caulk or water damage. (These openings will also allow access for rodents) Ensure gutters are clean and drain away from the home. (This removes a moisture source for rodents) 

Around the home. Look for and remedy

. Look for bushes and shrubs against the home. (Dense foliage needs to be cut back 2 feet 

from the home to allow for air movement and reduce travel/hiding areas for rodents) Look for overhanging tree branches or limbs touching the home. (Trim back any overhanging branches at least 2 feet from the home. These are a common travel path for rodents) Look for firewood stored against the home. (This should be moved at least 20 feet away from the home. Firewood is an excellent harborage for rodents) 


Look for standing water or evidence of gathering water. (Adjust landscaping to drain water away from home to remove moisture source for rodents) 


Inside the home. Start at the bottom and work your way up. Make a todo list as you go

Start with the basement or crawlspace. Try to do this in the middle of the day. Turn off all lights and look for light coming in from outside. Fix this from the inside and outside. Working your way around and up look for the following: 

1. Bad door seals, this includes the overhead garage door. (replace) 2. Clutter (clean this up, mice love hiding places) 3. Under cabinets (look for travel possible paths, they only need a dime sized 

opening) 4. Food sources (clean up and put away, Pet food is one of the favorite foods for 

mice, keep it in a sealed plastic bin) 5. Finally, look for droppings. If any are found, you already have an issue. Call your 

local exterminator for help. 

By doing a thorough walk around the home and fixing what you can, you may stop a problem before it starts. If you have any questions, you may contact us. We are here to help