Looking For An Exotic Pet?

The Perfect Low Maintenance Exotic Pet

Are you looking for a new pet? Don’t want the typical dog or cat? Then I have an exotic pet for you! Low maintenance and quiet, this pet is perfect for a house or apartment.

Meet the Giant Madagascar Hissing Cockroach!!! Now before you say “No!” and run screaming, let me explain.

Giant+Madagascar+Hissing+Cockroach.jpgGiant+Madagascar+Hissing+Cockroach Giant Madagascar Hissing Cockroach

Here are 5 reasons why the Giant Madagascar Hissing Cockroach is an easy to care for pet.

  • Depending on how many of these little darlings you choose to have they can be kept in a small aquarium. If you have several, you may want to use a 10 – 15 gallon tank. Use wood shavings in the bottom and be sure to give your roach some hiding places. These can be the roll from toilet paper, a piece of wood or a small cardboard box.
  • The Hissing Cockroach is a tropical species. You will want to keep the inside of their home moist and between 75 – 90 degrees. This will create a warm, humid environment.
  • Feeding a Hissing Cockroach is easy. They will eat dry dog food, which provides needed protein. You can also feed them fruits and vegetables. It is said that they love carrots. Just be sure to remove any uneaten food before it has a chance to spoil.
  • Water can be kept in a shallow dish with some cotton or a sponge. The little Hissers will suck the water from the wet material. Don’t keep a deep dish of water, we don’t our exotic pet to drown!
  • The Hissing Cockroach is harmless and docile. They do not bite or sting. They don’t care to run very quickly and they don’t fly, so there is little chance they will get away. (be sure to keep mesh over the top of their habitat)
  • The Hissing Cockroach is easy to handle. You can hold and pet them. Many owners let their sweet pet crawl on their arms and hands.

Hissing+Cockroach.jpgHissing+Cockroach Hissing Cockroach Crawling On Brave Person

How many of you are going to run out and get a Giant Hissing Cockroach? If this seems like a bit more than you can handle, maybe you should start with something a little less intimidating. I personally like a nice Ant Farm. They are self contained and no touching is necessary. What exotic pet would you like to have? Rapid Pest Solutions wants to hear from you!