Looking Forward To Spring

Winter has been especially brutal for us this year published here. We have had record breaking low temperatures as well as record snow! As we all look forward to spring you may be thinking that something good could come from this horrible winter. Bad winter weather means fewer bugs in the spring, right? Wrong! Although we are looking for any upside to the weather we are having, fewer bugs isn’t it. Sorry!!

The fact is, that insects are very good at adapting to the ever changing environment in which they live. Some will of course try to seek refuge in your home or business. We keep our spaces warm and toasty and they like that, too. Others will burrow into the soil, hide under rocks and in the wood of logs and trees.

Another way that some insects survive the bitter cold is by reducing the water in their bodies and producing glycerol, which acts as an antifreeze. (just like your car!)

Insects don’t hibernate. Not exactly, but it is the same principle. They go into a dormant stage called diapause. Even though they are alive, they barely move at all. Even insects that are somewhat active in the winter are extremely sluggish.

So, even though fewer insects is not an upside to this crazy winter, we can still look forward to the spring. Just getting a break from the back-breaking work of shoveling will be a treat!!!