May The Luck Of The Irish be With You

Chicago+River+-+Green.jpgChicago+River+-+Green Chicago River – Green for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is this Tuesday. Celebrated all across the country, Chicago has it’s own St. Patrick’s traditions that people look forward to each year. The Mount Greenwood Neighborhood on the city’s South West side is #4 on the list of America’s top Irish neighborhoods with 40.7% of it’s people having Irish ancestry. Maybe that’s why the South Side Irish Parade is such a big deal. This year’s parade will take place on Sunday, March 15th with the City of Chicago parade being held on Saturday, March 14th. One of our ultimate Chicago traditions is the dyeing of the Chicago River. For the Saturday parade the river is dyed a brilliant green color!

St. Patrick’s Day celebrations wouldn’t be complete without eating corned beef and cabbage and a little imbibing. Whether you want to drink green beer, enjoy some traditional Irish brew or sip on something a little stronger, Ireland certainly didn’t let us down in the alcohol department. Why not try a Guinness, Harp, Smithwick’s or Murphy’s Stout. And if you want something more you can always reach for the Jameson or Baileys!

Irish+Collage.jpgIrish+Collage Go Irish!

Rapid Pest Solutions wants to keep with the St. Patrick’s theme. Take a look at some of these cool GREEN bugs!

Grasshopper.jpgGrasshopper Grasshopper Caterpillar.jpgCaterpillar Caterpillar Green+Stink+Bug.jpgGreen+Stink+Bug Green Stink Bug Praying+Mantis.jpgPraying+Mantis Praying Mantis


I think the Irish said it best…