Memorial Day

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day is a time to celebrate and remember our veterans that gave their lives fighting for our country. Rapid Pest Solutions honors all who have served, past and present.

Memorial+Day.jpgMemorial+Day Our heroes

There are many ways people choose to celebrate the day. There are parades and memorial services to honor our fallen heroes. There are also cookouts and BBQ’s with family and friends to celebrate the freedom that we have. A freedom that is due to our soldiers.


While participating in these outdoor activities you may find yourself having a run in with ants, mosquitoes, bees and other stinging insects. Let’s list some things you can do to limit the number of issues you have with these pests.

  • Set up a fan facing the area where you will be sitting. The breeze from the fan is enough to make it difficult for flying insects to get near you.
  • Stay away from heavy perfumes and other scents. These sweet smells will attract the stinging insects.
  • Keep your drinks covered. That will keep bugs from being attracted to what is inside. At the very least, drink from a clear cup or bottle. That way you can see what is inside and not take an accidental swig from a beverage with a bee or wasp in it!
  • Garbage cans should be kept at a distance from the area where you are sitting.
  • Light some candles. Smoke repels mosquitoes and flies and the candles will look pretty at the same time.
  • Have a separate food table for the bugs. Yes, you read that right. Give the bugs there own food table. Put watermelon rinds, over ripe fruit or colored sugar water on a table away from your serving and eating areas.


Another pest concern that you may not associate with the holiday weekend is bed bugs. Why, you ask? Many people travel for the holiday, staying with friends and family or in hotels. Bed bugs are hitchhikers. You could pick them up on your travels and bring them back to your own home. Be vigilant while traveling, inspect your sleeping area.


Rapid Pest Solutions is here for any pest problems you may have, and any uninvited guests that made the journey home with you too. Contact us for questions, information, pricing and more.

You may be looking for a fun activity for the family. Why not try the Field Museum in Chicago? They have a great underground bug adventure. Check it out here!!!