New Year 2016

Today is New Year’s Eve. Tomorrow we begin 2016 – Which according to the Chinese calendar is the Year of the Monkey. The Red Fire Monkey to be exact. ?!?!



A new year brings new beginnings. People look to make resolutions to change themselves for the better. You often hear that people resolve to lose weight, quit smoking, stop swearing, get in shape, spend more time with family, and many other things. Why does January 1st seem like such a great time to start these endeavors? Why don’t we feel the urge to better ourselves on May 1st? Or August 19th? July 25? I think it’s because on January 1st everything seems fresh.

  • The date is 1/1.
  • One = the beginning.
  • Over much of the country there is snow. A white blanket that covers the ground.
  • White =  fresh and new.
  • Soon Spring comes.
  • Spring = a rebirth of plants, flowers and the earth around us. 



So if resolutions are decisions we make to better ourselves, why do so many of us give up on them before the year is out? Maybe it’s because what we set out to do is too big of an undertaking to handle all at once. We overwhelm ourselves rather than looking at the small changes that we can handle. Giving up on a resolution can undermine our faith in ourselves. And if you can’t be your own best cheerleader then we have problems! Remember, to err is human. It’s important to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and CARRY ON! A slip up does not mean you broke your resolution. Giving up completely after that slip does. Never give up.

As we move ever forward, closer to 2016 with each moment, think of small changes you can make that will lead to big changes over time. Stay strong and stay true to yourself.

2016 might be the year of the Monkey but it’s got YOUR success written all over it!

new year


Because Timing Is Everything!