Some Bugs Don’t Care That It’s Cold

Just like that – Winter is here. The temperatures are well below freezing and with the windchill below zero! We just had our first substantial snowfall with more promised in the near future. Spring may seem very far away and not many of us are thinking about the types of bugs that come along with the warm weather. Still, there are some pests that will continue to be a nuisance even during the cold months. The best defense is a good offense. Here are two pests that are a problem no matter what the weather.


  • BED BUGS – It probably seems that we talk about bed bugs all the time. Well, we do. That’s because it is a real problem and it can affect anyone. The weather really has no bearing on bed bug activity. They will hitchhike on coats and bags and make themselves at home in whatever new spot they are introduced to. If you think you may have been in a place with a bed bug problem, put your clothes, coats, shoes, anything that you can, into a dryer on the highest heat setting for at least a half hour.
  • ROACHES – Roaches are another insect that doesn’t really care about the weather. They are very sturdy and can make themselves at home just about anywhere. A little water is really all they need since they will eat almost anything. (glue from the back of your wallpaper among other things) This is another pest that is usually brought in, often times on used appliances or furniture. Be very careful when buying second hand. Inspect all areas of your purchase. If there is any doubt – don’t bring it into your home.


Check out this video – we may not be too happy with the snow but these guys are loving it!

If you suspect that you have bed bugs or roaches contact Rapid Pest Solutions. We’ve got a solution to fit your needs. Because Timing Is Everything!