February is coming to a close and Spring break is just around the corner. Are you looking for some cool things to do with the kids? Let Rapid Pest Solutions recommend the top four insect-inspired activities that you can check out this Spring.

1. The Field Museum – Check out the Underground Adventure running now through the end of 2020. This exhibit makes you feel as if you have been shrunk down to just 1/100th of your actual size. That’s smaller than a penny! As you wander through the underground you will meet a giant mole cricket, a wolf spider, and other animatronic creepy crawlies. You can also see snail eggs hatching and the snapping tail of a mama earwig as she defends her young.

2. Chicago Academy of Science & Nature Museum – Here you can participate in Bunking with the Butterflies. (special reservations required) Spend the night in the museum sleeping in select exhibits. The evening’s events will include live animals and many activities to participate in. The overnight also includes an evening snack and light continental breakfast.

3. Lincoln Park Zoo – Take a trip around the Nature Boardwalk. Open year round you will find the greatest concentration of insects in the Spring through Fall. Native birds, frogs, fish, and turtles are some of the other creatures that you may cross paths with on this walk.

4. Chicago Flower and Garden Show – Now this sounds like the most fun of all! The Chicago Flower and Garden Show hosts an insect petting zoo. Take the opportunity to pet the Giant Madagascar Hissing Cockroach, the Large African Millipedes, tarantulas, stick bugs, worms and more!

March brings the warmer weather. Take advantage of that and plan something different for your family this year. And if you find that any of these creepers have made into your home, call Rapid Pest Solutions. We have the treatment that is right for you!

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