The 12 Days Of Christmas – Rapid Style

Today is December 1st and this month all the blogs I write will have a holiday theme. What better way to kick off this special time of year than with the carol The 12 Days Of Christmas. Of course I have modified the original version to fit our specialty – Pest Control. Have a look.


On the 12th day of Christmas, Rapid took care of this for me…

  • 12 Roaches Sneaking
  • 11 Flies A Buzzing
  • 10 Spiders Weaving
  • 9 Skeeters Biting
  • 8 Ants A Crawling
  • 7 Wasps A Stinging
  • 6 Bed Bugs Sleeping
  • 5 Furry Bees
  • 4 Centipedes
  • 3 Earwigs
  • 2 Silverfish
  • And a mouse in my favorite sock drawer.


Many of us are beginning the process of decorating for Christmas. Putting up trees with shiny decorations, twinkling lights outside, a wreath on the door. This video shows an insects Christmas – Santa Claus decorates a tree for the forest creatures.

Rapid Pest Solutions wishes you and your families a wonderful and magical holiday season. If you find that you have a pest issue please contact us. We have the treatment option that is right for you.