The Occasional Invader

The Occasional Invader – and no, I don’t mean the relative that comes for a weekend and ends up on your couch for a month. Spring is slowly but surely creeping closer. With the weather still cold we may not be thinking of what’s to come. But we need to be aware of the pests that will come out as the weather warms. Ants are the most common pest that we have here but there are several others that you may come across in your home this Spring. Although not harmful they are considered a nuisance.

Cartoon teen relaxing on the sofa. He is eating a snack and has a soft drink handy

Cartoon teen relaxing on the sofa. He is eating a snack and has a soft drink handy


STINK BUG – The Stink Bug is small and has a ‘shield’ shape. They can cause damage to fruit and vegetable crops but won’t do any damage if they get in your home. When the bug senses danger or when they are squished they produce an offensive odor which is where they get their name. Yuck.


EARWIG – The Earwig is pretty fierce looking. The males have pincers on their rear ends that look fairly dangerous. The truth is they are not harmful to humans. The Earwig eats mostly plant material and some other insects. They like dark, damp places and are most likely to be found in your basement if they are in your home.


SILVERFISH – Silverfish are not harmful to humans. They can cause some problems if they get into your home because they like to eat things like carpet, clothing, linen and silk. Silverfish are afraid of the light (unlike me, I’m afraid of the dark) and will spend most of their time in moist areas like basements, bathtubs, sinks and showers.


PILL BUG – The Pill Bug rolls itself into a ball when it senses danger. Too cute, right? These guys are harmless and may be considered a nuisance pest because they sometimes seek refuge in your home mostly around water sources.


CENTIPEDE – In my opinion the Centipede looks absolutely terrifying. Most likely found outdoors inside logs or under stones and dead wood, they will occasionally find their way into your home. They prefer dark and damp spaces so beware when in your basement.


HOUSE CRICKET – Crickets are not interested in harming you. They eat plant materials outside and may end up in your home by mistake. Have you ever heard one in your room while laying in bed? You try to pinpoint where the noise is coming from but can’t? That can be very frustrating but it is said that killing a Cricket in your home is bad luck.

Lady Bugs are good luck you know!

Lady Bugs are good luck you know!

LADYBUG – The Ladybug sometimes gets a bad rap but they really don’t do any damage to your home. If you see them inside this Spring, they are trying to make their way outside. As a kid we believed Ladybugs were good luck and you should make a wish if one landed on you.

I almost didn’t post the picture of the Centipede. To me it is one of the creepiest looking bugs ever! Being informed is key. If you notice any of these pests in your home as the weather starts to warm, contact Rapid Pest Solutions. We can get rid of these and other occasional invaders – That relative crashed on the couch? We’ll leave that to you!