Thoughts That Will Keep You Up At Night

At night we lay down in our comfy beds and snuggle down under the blankets. Dreams enter and entertain us like mini movies in our minds. This is a time of peace and rest after a day in a hectic world. But wait…what was that? A small scuffle in the closet? Did I feel something on my arm? Here are some thoughts that just may keep you up at night.

Tiny+Vampire.jpgTiny+Vampire Tiny Vampire

BED BUGS – Ooooohhhhhh! That’s right, I jumped right in with the worst one! Although bed bugs are not known to spread disease and are not related to sanitation, what makes them so creepy is that you are their food source. They use your blood as a meal, like tiny little vampires. Now some people may say, ‘So? Mosquitoes do the same thing.’  –  True, but mosquitoes don’t stalk you in the dead of night in the one place that you should feel ultimate comfort and safety. Maybe it’s just me but thinking that bed bugs could be quietly living in my mattress, closet or bedside table is enough to give me nightmares. Literally – I have had nightmares involving bed bugs.

Spider+Ride.pngSpider+Ride Scariest RIde Ever!

SPIDERS – If you know me or read my blog you certainly know that I have some major arachnophobia. The fact that I let a spider live quietly in the corner of my bathroom ceiling was shocking. But I figured if I could see him and he stayed far away I would leave him be. The problem now is that he is gone. Just overnight, poof, vanished. This does not make me a happy camper. Combine that with the fact that a spider came running at me as I was sitting on the couch and you can imagine the terror! At night when it’s quiet and I’m laying in the darkness of the bedroom, I think about those spiders that got away. Where are they now? Do they seek revenge? Is one of them lowering down  from the ceiling directly above my face right now?! Ugh! No sleep tonight.

Cute+Mouse.gifCute+Mouse Cute Mouse

MICE – Personally I do not fear mice. I think that they are super cute and I feel bad when they get caught. That being said, I also know that you cannot have them in your home. They cause damage and are very unsanitary. Have you ever been laying quietly in your bed and heard a soft scratching somewhere? A little rustle in the closest maybe? If you have a mouse in your house that is exactly what might happen. Even though you know it is nothing big and it is not an intruder – at least not a human one – it can make your heart race and fill you with a feeling of fear. So as you drift off into dreamland don’t pay attention to those small noises.

I guess there are lots of things that can keep you up at night. Scary movies, your neighbors loud music, that work project due at the end of the week. Maybe the problem is that we let negative things into our mind. Perhaps if we thought pleasant thoughts when we laid in bed we would fall asleep faster and have a more restful night. I will leave you with some cute and positive things to think about tonight as you wait for the sandman.

Your dream vacation

The silly things your kids do

The silly things your pets do


Ice Cream

Laughing so hard it hurts

The+Good+Things+In+Life.jpgThe+Good+Things+In+Life The Best Things In Life Are Free.

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