Valentine’s Day is almost here and that means spring is just around the corner. Even though you may be looking forward to the warm weather, spring also brings bugs. So, I was thinking, what bugs would best represent Valentine’s Day? Here’s my top 3 – Check it out!

  • LOVE BUGS The love bug is a type of march fly. During and after mating the male and female bugs remain together, even flying together, for several days. They may sound cute, but they aren’t much to look at.
  • KISSING BUGS Also known as the Vampire Bug these guys have cone-shaped noses. They are called the Kissing Bug because they prefer to bite around your mouth and lips. Again, not super cute as the name would imply.
  • BLACK WIDOW The black widow spider is one of the deadliest spiders to humans. The female black widow is known to kill its mate during or after mating. This is why women that kill 3 or more of their husbands or lovers are called black widows.


PINK KATYDID This is a type of grasshopper that has a rare genetic mutation causing it to have abnormal amounts of red pigment making it a beautiful pink color.

ROSY MAPLE MOTH A small North American moth that may come in a pink and yellow color combination that looks like a Starburst candy.

Rapid Pest Solutions wishes you a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

Here’s to a beautiful spring for all!