5 Ways To Keep Your Home Pest Free


5 Easy Steps To Keeping Bugs Out

Wasp+On+Window+Screen.jpgWasp+On+Window+Screen Insects can fit through a very small opening in your screen.

While it is not possible to keep every single insect and bug out of your home, it is possible to make it more difficult for them to get in. I have put together five easy things you can do at your home to cut down on the insects inside.

  1. Secure your perimeter. While this may sound like a military maneuver, you really are trying to keep the enemy (bugs) out. Make sure you use screens and replace any that are torn or damaged. Replace loose weather stripping. If there are small gaps or cracks around the home, use caulk to fix them, for larger openings, use steel wool. The idea is to close off any entry points that you can.
  2. It’s all about cleanliness. Keep food in sealed containers and wipe up crumbs. Sweep/mop the floors. If there are any spills, be sure to clean them up right away. You will also want to keep your pet’s food in a sealed container and try not to leave their full dishes out for long periods of time.
  3. Keep it dry. Most bugs and insects like moisture and any source can attract them. Even condensation on pipes can drip and create a place that the pests will like. Be sure to fix leaky pipes right away. Water in your basement or crawl space means trouble. Make sure you have proper drainage and use a dehumidifier if needed.
  4. Clear the clutter. Making sure that your yard and the area around your home are neat and clear is important to keeping pests away. Keep mulch away from the foundation of your home. Clean up leaf litter and other organic debris as these are harborage sites for insects. Mow the grass often and keep it short near the house. You should also make sure that trees and shrubs are cut back so that they are not touching the side or roof of the home.
  5. The birds and the bats. You are probably used to hearing the phrase, the birds and the bees, but not in this case. Encourage birds and bats to nest in your yard. Consider the birds the day shift and the bats the night shift. They are natural predators to the bugs and insects you are trying to keep away. Having them nest in your yard will allow them to keep the insect population down as they use them for a food source.

Indiana+Bat.jpgIndiana+Bat Indiana Bats are small and feed on many different kinds of insects and bugs.

Here you can find some additional tips for everyday pest control in your home.

Do you have any suggestions to keep pests out of the house? Share them with us in the comments section of this blog! If you discover that you have a pest problem despite taking preventative steps, you may find that you need a professional exterminator. Rapid Pest Solutions can help. We offer prompt service and competitive prices – contact us with questions or to schedule your appointment today.