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At Rapid Pest Solutions in Schererville, IN, we are often referred to as the best pest control service in the city. That’s because we have a track record of ensuring that our clients enjoy a pest-free home after we are done. Most of all, we aim to make it so that the pests don’t return anytime soon. That’s why by hiring us, home and business owners are often assured that we’ll provide them with a permanent solution to their pest problem.

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While Schererville is home to many pest control companies, some have been around for longer than us, but we’ve developed and honed our pest control skills. Over the years, we’ve transitioned from using toxic chemicals to environmentally friendly and even more effective pest control methods. Our understanding of each pest allows us to gauge the breath of the problem and thus deal with it accordingly. Plus our same-day service means you can reach out to us at any time. 

We often tell clients that in the pest control business, it isn’t about the type of pest we are dealing with but the environment they are living in. As a home or business owner that wants to discourage pests, and unwanted wildlife it is essential to make the environment unhabitable for them, and that’s where Rapid Pest Solution comes in.


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Our Professional Pest Control Services

We offer a pretty extensive selection of pest control services covering all common pests. In fact, we are a one-stop solution for all your pest control needs. Our team can handle everything from a termite infestation to moths and other stinging insects making your life miserable.

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Home Pest Control

Homeowners in Schererville are plagued by everything from rats to mosquitoes in the summer. Fortunately, our pest control service can help to eliminate these pests from your home by custom tailoring our approach to exterminating them. Plus, we take preventive measures to ensure that these pests we remove don’t return anytime soon.

Commercial Pest Control Service

Commercial pest control can be a little more complex because we are dealing with larger spaces and other variables like the easy availability of food for the pests. Our pest control approach is tailored to each type of establishment. Often, we will use a combo of techniques to ensure complete pest removal from the space. We also help business owners turn their spaces into pest-free zones by highlighting proactive steps.

We also take emergency service calls from both home and business owners. 

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What Makes Us Stand Out From Other Local Pest Control Companies?

Rapid Pest Solutions is certainly not the oldest pest control company in Schererville, but there are many things that make us stand out from all the others. For starters, we are known for providing a quality service that not only eliminates pests but also coaches owners about keeping pests at bay. Here are a few more features that set our pest control solutions apart from the competition:

Attention to detail – Effective pest control involves paying close attention to the environment. We are looking for signs of pests and how they move through the environment. This understanding helps us take the correct approach to eliminate them. 

We use eco-friendly products – Traditionally, products used by pest control professionals were highly toxic and covered pests of all types. Over the years, we’ve evolved, and now our products are environmentally friendly, yet they continue to be effective. We are committed to providing an environmentally friendly pest control solution.

Great people to work with – We have ensured that every client, residential or commercial, can reach out to us when needed. Our emergency services are also available on short notice. Plus, we are here to answer any questions you might have and provide a free estimate. 

We eliminate all pests – While some pests can be harder to eliminate than others, we understand what it takes to eliminate them. Our approach has been honed to perfection over the years, so once you hire us, you can be assured to complete elimination.

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Pest Management Services

Rapid Pest Solutions offer a multitude of pest control services across Schererville. The goal is to provide home and business owners with a one-stop solution for all their pest control needs.

Professional Termite Control
Schererville is known for its termite infestations. It isn’t the best thing to be known for, but almost anyone who has lived here long enough knows that termites like to claim your woodwork as their home. Fortunately, we have years of experience evicting them from your property and preventing them from returning.

Mosquito Extermination
Mosquitoes aren’t just pests; they carry diseases like malaria, which is why you shouldn’t wait to call us if you notice mosquitos on your property. This is especially true if you live near Cedar Lake. Fortunately for you, mosquitos can be eliminated sooner than you think.

Stinging Insects
The insects known to sting are often the most dangerous. Fortunately, we can get rid of just about everyone on your property, from bees to hornets and yellow jackets after a thorough assessment.

Bed Bug Removal
Bed bugs are another common pest in Schererville, but fortunately, if you address the problem before it spirals out of control, you don’t have much to worry about.

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The only way for you to know that your home is entirely pest free is to have us inspect it. If we detect signs of an infestation, our team will address it before it is too late.

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