3 Things You Don’t Want To Bring Home

Ladies, if you’re anything like me your purse is like your lifeline. It’s always with you and holds anything and everything you, your partner, your child or your friends might need. It’s not just about carrying your drivers license, credit cards and keys. We’re talking tissues, band aids, lip balm, nail clippers, gum, paper, pens, lotion, aspirin, a mirror, loose change, dental floss, a lighter…I mean, really, the list is endless. MacGyver would have no problem escaping from the bad guy if he had access to a woman’s purse. All the things he would need are inside!


Because our purses go with us everywhere and then we bring them back into our cars and homes, I am going to point out some things to watch out for. You’re probably asking yourself, ‘What are these scary things she’s talking about?’. Roaches and Mice, to begin with. These can end up in your purse, book bag, or briefcase if you aren’t careful. Picture this, you are at the movies ready to enjoy the newest thriller. You’ve got your popcorn, pop and candy and you find your way to a comfy middle seat. You set your bag on the floor in front of you, lean back, relax and enjoy the show. Now remember that many, many people prior to you have done the same thing. The floor is covered in the sugary, stickiness of spilled soda, there are dropped pieces of popcorn and candy everywhere. Sure the theater is swept up between shows but I’m willing to bet that not every crumb is picked up. This is a paradise for roaches and mice. Theaters are dark places and it’s hard to see what might be lurking in the corners. It is entirely possible that a mouse or a roach could find their way into your bag as they forage the floor for food. The same thing goes for restaurants and public transportation. Your best bet is to keep your bags either on your lap or over the back of a chair.


The third scary thing that could come home with you is Bed Bugs. Many people think that this only applies to people that travel a lot or college kids coming home from school. The truth is anyone, anywhere can pick up Bed Bugs and bring them into their home. A few places that Bed Bugs can and have been found include, movie theaters, public transportation, schools, restaurants, the gym and of course hotels and airplanes. Do not live in fear! It may sound like I’m telling you the only safe thing to do is stay locked up at home, but that’s not the case. You just have to be careful and be vigilant. Give a visual inspection in any areas that you can. Your hotel room can be checked before you settle in. Take a look inside your locker at the gym before you put your bag in, at a restaurant a once over of your seat is an easy thing to do. In a situation where you cannot give a visual inspection or where you feel unsure, there are still precautions you can take. When you get home, put your clothing into the dryer on the highest heat setting for at least 30 minutes. This will take care of anything that may have made its way into a pocket or cuff. Leave bags outside the home until you have the opportunity to thoroughly inspect them for sneaky pests.

Bed Bugs on a public bus.

Bed Bugs on a public bus.

Be aware of your surroundings and watch your bags. If you find that some unwanted intruders made it home with you, don’t panic. Call Rapid Pest Solutions. We have the answer to all your pest problems.

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