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According to the National Pest Management Association, termites alone cause an estimated $5 billion in property damage each year in the US. Then there is also the fact that bed bugs have become a growing problem in mostly North America.

As pest control experts, we know that pests choose certain places to live based on various factors, including the availability of food, water, shelter, and suitable breeding conditions. The factors can vary depending on the type of pest and its environment. For example, rodents may live in areas with abundant food and water sources, such as kitchens or garbage cans, while mosquitoes prefer areas with standing water for breeding.

Pests may also be attracted to specific environments based on their natural habitat. For example, cockroaches prefer warm and humid environments, while spiders may prefer dark and secluded spaces.

Pests are also attracted to certain scents or chemical signatures present in a particular area. For example, some pests may be attracted to the scent of food or specific plants. They (pests) may be attracted to areas that protect them from predators or harsh weather conditions. Rodents, for instance, may choose to live in walls or other hidden spaces to protect themselves from predators.

Depending on where you live, pests may be a bigger problem than you imagined, and thus, investing in regular professional pest control is essential. If you are frustrated with pests ruining your home or place of business, our expert pest solution can help you!

Why Choose Our Pest Control Services Over Other Pest Control Companies?

We know from years of working in Hammond that the city has several pest control services. Some businesses have been around for years. However, there are a couple of reasons why people choose us over the competition to address their pest control needs.

Expertise and experience: As a reputed pest control company, we have a team of trained, certified, and experienced professionals who accurately identify and treat various pest problems. What’s more is that having a team shortens the time it takes to get rid of common pests such as termites, rodents, and others.

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Safe and effective solutions: Rapid Pest Solutions only uses safe and effective methods to control and eliminate pests while minimizing environmental harm and non-targeted species. However, this can be easier said than done, depending on what we deal with.

Customized treatment plans: We provide customized treatment plans based on the specific needs and circumstances of the project. Our goal is always to ensure that we have a comprehensive plan in place that helps eliminate pests and prevent them from returning.

Quick response time: Our pest exterminators respond promptly to requests and address pest problems as soon as possible. Our emergency pest and wildlife removal services are just a few minutes away when you need our help urgently.

Good customer service: We have friendly and knowledgeable staff who answer customers’ questions, provide advice, and address any concerns or issues that may arise. As one of the growing family-focused organizations, in our books, the key to good customer service is ensuring that your concerns are addressed in the best possible way.

Affordable pricing: We offer fair and reasonable prices across all our extermination services. We strongly believe you don’t have to pay top dollar for efficient, high-quality pest control in Hammond.

Guarantees and warranties: Our pest control services come backed by a satisfaction guarantee. This means we are confident that you will be happy with our services.

Dealing with pests can be challenging, especially the most common ones that continue to evolve and find new ways to deceive human beings. Fortunately, we use the latest methods and equipment to eliminate such pests as carpenter ants, in Northwest Indiana. If you have a frustrating pest problem, look no further than Rapid Pest Solutions! Call us today for a free, no-obligation quote.

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Steps to Prevent Pests From Invading Your Home

The best pest control is prevention and this is regardless of whether you live in the Hammond region which is part of our service area or someplace else. Whether you are a home or business owner, follow these tips to prevent pests from invading your home again.

Keep your home clean: Pests are attracted to food and water sources, so keeping your home clean and tidy is essential. Clean up spills and crumbs immediately, and store food in airtight containers.

Store firewood properly: If you have a wood-burning fireplace, store firewood away from your home and off the ground to prevent pests from nesting in it. Firewood attracts various pests, including ants, termites, and rodents.

Seal entry points: Pests can enter your home through small cracks and gaps, so sealing any entry points is essential. This includes gaps around doors, windows, and various other openings for superior results.

Install screens: Installing screens on windows often helps keep pests out while allowing fresh air to circulate through your home.

Keep your yard tidy: Pests will usually enter your home from the outside, so keeping your yard tidy is essential. That way, they will not be attracted to your yard and will not consider entering your home. So, you’d want to trim back bushes and trees. Also, eliminate any debris or clutter that could shelter pests.

Finally, hire pest control professionals like us. Regular inspections and treatments can help prevent a pest infestation before it starts thus keeping your home safe.

Pest Control Service Backed By A Guarantee

Pest control services are a dime a dozen, but at Rapid Pest Solutions, we ensure you are 100% satisfied with the outcome. Our professionals not only go through every nook and cranny of your home but will make a second and third pass if needed to confirm if the pests have been eliminated. That’s one of the reasons why we are the go-to pest control service in Hammond, Indiana.

If you have a pest problem, desire a healthier home, and need help immediately, book an inspection or get a quote today!