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At Rapid Pest Solutions, we have been helping home, and business owners get rid of some of the most stubborn pests from their properties. In fact, over the years, we’ve perfected the art of undoing even the most stubborn infestation by taking a scientifically proven approach.

Our Hammond pest control service has earned a reputation for getting rid of pests of all types across the city and even beyond. That’s why we continue to be referred to as the best control service of choice for just about anyone who wants to hire a team of professionals to take care of their pest problem.

Our team specializes in getting rid of everything from mice to ants and flying pests of all types. Furthermore, our expert team is always at the nearest Hammond pest control location and is just a call away when you need them.

Do you want to hire pest control experts in Hammond with a proven track record of removing pests of all types and sizes? Then call the team at Rapid Pest solutions today.

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How Are We Different From Other Pest Control Companies?

Rapid Pest Solutions has worked hard to earn a reputation for providing a genuinely effective pest control solution, which our clients have continued to rely upon for years. Most home and business owners understand that quality pest control helps save them time and money in the long term. However, here is what sets our pest solution in Hammond, Indiana, apart from all the others:

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A job well done – Nobody does pest control better than us, and that’s a guarantee. While there are many ways to get rid of common pests, our way has proven to be highly effective. Our well-honed approach ensures that all pests will be evicted from your property in no time.

Eco-friendly approach and products – All products used by Rapid Pest Solutions are eco-friendly. Most of the stuff we use is also pet friendly. That said, we tailor our approach to the type of pest we are dealing with, and often the goal is to ensure effective removal and long-term protection without causing harm to the environment or occupants of the location.

Excellent customer service – We ensure that every one of our clients, commercial or residential, can reach our team to book the service when needed. Plus, we also take emergency service calls.

No pest too hard to handle – Sure, some pests are a little more resilient than others, but we know how to get rid of them in the best possible way. In our experience, the correct approach to removing pests ensures long-term relief from the problem too. Our approach has over the years contributed to us being referred to as one of the top pest control services in the city.

Are you interested in knowing how we can get rid of pests from your property? Then call us today for a free quote and a rundown of how we operate.

The Best Pest Control Services in Hammond, Indiana

While you might think that ‘Best’ is an overstatement, the hundreds of reviews and the fact that we are the first pest control company to receive a call actually suggest otherwise. Rapid Pest Solutions is home to some of the most experienced pest control experts, who have joint forces to rid every home and place of business of pests that make life miserable by endangering our health.

Domestic Pest Control

Our pest control service for homes is customized to the location and the type of pests we have been tasked with eliminating. We offer rodent control for instance, which is tailored to the type of home you live in. Fortunately, we can eliminate the most common types of pests in no time. Plus, we then roll out a preventive program to ensure that the pests don’t return anytime soon.

Commercial Pest Removal

Our commercial services cater to businesses of all types. But commercial spaces can often be a complex job. Depending on the size and type of establishment, it might require a multi-pronged approach to remove and keep them away. Places like bars and restaurants can prove to be highly challenging, so we may employ various techniques to ensure that pests have been removed from the property.

Our Pest Control Services

Rapid Pest Solutions provides a range of pest control solutions in Hammond, IN. Our goal is to fulfill all your pest control needs, and all without costing an arm and a leg.

Termite Control and Removal

A termite infestation is surprisingly common. Many homes are infested with termites, and they can eat through just about anything made of wood. Often it is a full-blown infestation when homeowners spot signs of it. Fortunately, we’ve got the experience needed to remove termites effectively. Our methods not only eliminate the infestation, but we can back our work with a muti year warranty.

Mosquito Problem

Most homeowners with a backyard in Hammond know that mosquitos can be a problem, especially during the summer. Fortunately, we can eliminate mosquitos, thus helping to prevent the spread of malaria and other conditions caused by these insects.

Stinging Insects

Insects that sting are dangerous and, at the very least irritating. Fortunately, we can get rid of most in record time. We can eliminate them all, whether it is hornets, yellow jackets or bees. Plus, we can take steps to prevent re-infestation. This is important whether you are a business owner dealing with pest problems or a homeowner that wants to protect their family.

Bed Bug Elimination

Bed bugs aren’t just pests. They endanger our health too. We use some of the most effective products combined with methods proven to eliminate bedbugs from your property entirely and prevent re-infestation.

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The best way to ensure your home is pest free is to get it inspected once every year. If there are signs of an infestation, it should be addressed immediately.

If you suspect that your property has been infested, then give us a call. We can perform a quick inspection and provide a quote for removing these pests.